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Miscellaneous field types.

Archived documentation for Sophora 3. End-of-support date for this version: 7/25/21

Documentation for Sophora 4

Audio Sequences

For this field type, you should select sophora-extension-nt:audiodata as valid child node type. If it is not available, you need to register it as a document extension.


Chronicle is a paid Sophora add-on. Please read the corresponding add-on documentation.


In a CSV input field, a user can select a CSV (comma separated values) file from his file system. The information loaded from the file is then displayed in a table and can be edited there. If the field is not available, the CSV feature has to be registered as a document extension.

Document References

A field to reference documents other than images (see Image References). By that, the user can also overwrite properties that are defined in the according document reference type, within the Component Details view. This field type is designed for a more general use case which allows you to replace other properties than those of an image document.

Image References

This field type allows you to reference an image document. By that, the user can also overwrite certain properties (as defined in the according image reference type) within the Component Details view, because the image document is handled as a component.


This field type allows the user to specify a follow-up date. Therefore, the node type sophora-nt:followup is required.

Form Fields

This input field type generates a table of abstract form fields, if the corresponding document extension (sophora-extension-nt:formfields) is already registered. These fields are defined as properties of the childnode which is assigned here (the childnode that is associated with this input field type). For an individual realisation, it is recommended to use form fields in combination with a dynamic table.


This field type is used for icons. The icons must be in one of the formats jpeg, gif or png and must have a size of 24 x 24 pixels. As valid child node, it should only be assigned the type sophora-nt:binarydata.

Survey Responses

This field type represents survey responses as a table which needs to be registered as a document extension in advance (sophora-extension-nt:pollchoice). For an individual realisation, it is recommended to use survey responses in combination with a dynamic table.

Time Scheduling

With this input field, users can configure timing actions on document level, such as Days until offline or customised timing events triggered by scripts. This field type requires the node type sophora-nt:timingConfig. You can find an exemplary input field of this type on the Configuration tab within a structure node editor. You can find more information about the time scheduling of documents here.

Word List

An input field type to manage a large list of words, for example as it appears in dictionaries. Each line in the field represents a unique word list entry. To use the field, a single valid child node type must be configured. The configuration of this node type must contain exactly one multi-string property that will be used for storage. We recommend using sophora-nt:wordContainer as the valid child node type.

Channel Settings

The Channel Settings field type allows the user to edit settings related to playout channels. It allows to specify in which playout channels a document should be visible, and at what times.

This field must be configured on the child node named sophora:channelSettings and must have sophora-nt:channelSettings as the only valid child node type.

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