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Date Search Guide

Find out more about the Add-on Date Search in order to search in your content by dates.

Archived documentation for Sophora 3. End-of-support date for this version: 7/25/21

Documentation for Sophora 4

The Date Search view allows the user to search for content by time related properties such as broadcasting dates or display times. The user can use different search-configurations provided by an administrator.

date search sophora cms
date search sophora cms (Image: subshell/CC BY)

Searching Content by Date

There are different ways of selecting a date:

  • Using a conventional datepicker by clicking on the small calendar button
  • Navigating through days by clicking the arrows on the right
  • Writing the date directly into the textfield
  • To select the current date, use the button to the left of the arrows

The dropdown to the left of the date can be used to change the function of the date field, such that it either marks the start/end of a period or a single day.

Viewing Results

If the search was successful the output is a list of documents. The first column displays the property by which the documents were found, followed by the document title. Further information about the documents can be gained by hovering over each row.

The documents may have components which can be expanded by clicking the small arrow on the left.

To open documents, double click. To use somewhere else, drag and drop.

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